Algeria, July 8, 2020


These Countries Opened Their Airspace With Algeria!

The Algerian Airlines Company has opened the process of selling airline tickets to all parts of the world, and tickets will carry the dates for the month of next August, pending any action to open international flights to and from Algeria, with its readiness to update the tickets and their dates, in the event that the visa to open international and national flights is delayed, at a time when ticket acquisition remains low, said an Algerian airline source.

The source added in a statement to “Al-“Echorouk”, that the sales process for tickets started 10 days ago with the beginning of the process of updating tickets for flights, which were sold before the start of the covid 19 quarantine, and the airspace closed mid-March, but tickets are sold today to all airports in the world on dates, especially for upcoming trips in August, in anticipation of any decision to open airspace, a process that our interlocutor described as purely commercial.

The source stressed that the customers’ money will not go to waste, in the event that air transport is not opened, and the closure continues due to the Corona virus pandemic, stressing that the tickets will be subject to re-updating, as all international air transport companies do.

On the other hand, a number of countries opened the airspace with Algeria, waiting for the Algerian authorities to take any decision to open their space as well, similarly to Tunisia, which confirmed that the crossings and borders have been opened with Algeria, starting from June 27 last year, although the Algerian authorities have kept the border with Tunisia closed until now as part of preventive measures to prevent an new outbreak of corona virus.

The representative of the Tunisian Tourism Office in Algeria, Fouad Al-Wad, said in a statement to “Echorouk” that Tunisia took a decision to open its borders with Algeria starting from June 27 last month, accompanied by a number of countries in the world, and took all preventive measures to prevent any health violations or outbreaks of the virus, pending the Algerian authorities take a similar decision.
Fouad El Wad stressed that the Tunisian authorities refused to classify Algeria as a contagious country, or even within the lowest epidemic category, given that Algeria is a brother country and is subject to special treatment, while stressing that coordination and negotiations are still ongoing at the highest level between Algeria and Tunisia, to organize the process in a decent way serving the interests of both countries, by taking all necessary precautions.

Not far from that, the European Union countries opened the visa to Algerians wishing to visit their countries, while opening air transport, but the European Commission responded to the requests of some people wishing to enter the European Union, and renew or extend the visa, even if the European Union opened air transport, but each EU country is free to respond positively or negatively to the requests of citizens of Algeria.

For reference, although France has opened its air transport airspace with Algeria, Germany and Spain have so far refused requests to extend and renew the visa, while sources from the Algerian Airlines Company confirm that the opening of air transport in Algeria is in the hands of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who is the only person authorized to decides in the file.


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